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China's rubber consumption in the amount of 3.1 million tons beyond the first International Habitat
TIME :2016-01-08


    Over the years, isoprene rubber broad arcade space attracted a lot of attention of power companies and research institutions, companies such as isoprene rubber device like the mountains and plains appear. Professor guess, in 2015, China isoprene rubber capacity can overtake Russia to become the top country isoprene rubber.
    Chinese subtropical natural rubber producing areas as long as Hainan, Yunnan, Guangxi and other provinces and autonomous regions a small amount, the annual output value of only 70 million tons, is antithetical 2.6 million tons of natural rubber annual requirement. China had to buy a lot of foreign natural rubber, imports accounted for more international natural rubber output value of 20%. Breaking the rubber industry "bricks without straw" dilemma, it is valued throughout the industry doubt.
    In 2005, China's annual consumption per rubber surpass 3.1 million tons, ranking first in the International; in 2010, surpassing 5 million tons, calcium chloride dihydrate. An average annual increase of 5.5% or more. Some people have speculated that in 2015 China's rubber consumption volume than 6 million tons, and a 4% growth rate continued to increase.
    Pressure into motivation can often travel. Russia is currently the top international big producer of isoprene rubber, isoprene rubber output of 40 million tons / year, far more than ranked second and third in the United States and Japan (output was 10 million tons / year and 80,000 tons /year).
    Get to the bottom of Russia into the international top big isoprene rubber producing countries is not difficult to find the root cause of the higher latitudes where most Russian regions, attributable to the temperate and sub-arctic continental climate, with little natural rubber output. And strategic considerations forced the need for pressure, Rubber Research Institute of the Russian State vigorously isoprene rubber can be used instead of natural rubber, and obtained substantial results, there are currently three sets to ensure stable rare earth isoprene rubber production equipment, production capacity of 400,000 tons / year, up to international isoprene rubber capacity 2/3.
    Upstream material sufficient assurance
    These years, China has also encouraged domestic rubber from a strategic height active career development of isoprene rubber, and constitute a large-scale production in order to decrease dependence on foreign natural rubber.
    2010, private enterprises began Maoming Lu Hua Yi Kesi Qingdao, Qingdao Fushun Yike Si production base of rare earth isoprene rubber production capacity of 1.5 million tons / year, 30,000 tons / year and 40,000 tons / year.
    Previously isoprene rubber is difficult to scale production, in addition to the reasons skills, but also subject to the material, and now the situation has now changed.
    Isoprene isoprene rubber materials mainly from C5 fraction. C5 fraction is an ethylene production process by-product, each producing 10 tons of ethylene can occur one ton EPA, EPA every five tons can produce one ton of isoprene, post-processing can be obtained equal component isoprene rubber.
    These years, China ethylene industry has been rapid spreading, EPA can provide more resources. Nanjing Gimpo Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical and Lanzhou Petrochemical Company total 760,000 tons / year EPA sets of equipment put into operation respectively, can be satisfied isoprene rubber production needs. Material handling this bottleneck doubt, speed up and carry out domestic launched isoprene rubber items.
    Currently, domestic isoprene rubber demand outstrips supply in the market, it has become a well-deserved hit.
    Annual capacity of 2015 or take the top spot
    Most domestic isoprene rubber produced using rare earth as a catalyst, anhydrous calcium chloride. Compared to the titanium / lithium isoprene rubber is very good mechanical strength, molecular structure and function of the vulcanization process closer to natural rubber.
    Isoprene rubber in the country's largest mall is a tire store. Facts have proved that, if the use of isoprene rubber instead of the 20% share of natural rubber, the formula can be adjusted smoothly without the skills to use, which greatly reduced the cost of reconstruction, and the ability to accept more shopping malls. In recent years, companies such as Maoming Lu Hua Goods admirably digested by the mall is an example of.
    It was just such an account: From the Chinese tire professional conduct, the domestic steel truck radial tire components required for some current isoprene rubber were imported from Russia, imports and prices are gradually rising. If the use of 20% instead of natural rubber, isoprene rubber, tires only occupation in 2010 2.5 million tons of rubber consumption meter, isoprene rubber consumption up to 50 million tons, 500,000 tons of natural rubber to reduce imports. Russia produces 80% of the tire using isoprene rubber, if the share of domestic reach, greater requirement isoprene rubber, isoprene rubber and therefore the domestic production of the mall there is infinite space.
    China's major power companies and research institutes in independent research and isoprene rubber production skills. April this year, Shandong rapture petrochemical production of rare earth isoprene rubber for the first time at 50% of rare earth isoprene rubber industrial goods instead of natural rubber, successfully applied to BTR tire, that is, the use of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun Institute of Independent State produce different sets of skills. In May, China Petrochemical use their independent research skills, Yanshan Petrochemical rare earth isoprene rubber equipment output of qualified products.
    Panjin Zhen Austrian Chemical 50,000 tons / year, Zibo, Shandong Lu Hua 50,000 tons / year, Qingdao first send new material a 30,000 tons / year in 2012 projects have been continuous production.
    Just three years, isoprene rubber experience from scratch. Yanshan Petrochemical Science and Technology engineer Qi Jun, it was estimated in 2015, China isoprene rubber capacity of 300,000 to 400,000 tons / year, can overtake Russia to become the top international big isoprene rubber origin.