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Our first new rare-earth isoprene rubber - Shuntong colored rubber ring
TIME :2016-03-14


The technologists of Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry and Petro China Jilin Petrochemical Company worked out the new butadiene-isoprene rubber synthesized with rare earth catalyst by homogeneous rare earth catalyst. after a year of hard struggle it passed the examination of specialists from Petro China. The group believes that this achievement is a national initiative, and the development of catalyst technology has reached the international advanced level.
        Because the molecular structure of Isoprene rubber is similar to natural rubber, it’s known as "synthetic natural rubber" which is the best synthetic rubber to replace the natural rubber overall performances of types of synthetic rubber. It can be widely used in tires, belts, hose and other rubber processing fields. But in our species of synthetic rubber, the production of isoprene rubber is still blank.
        China's annual rubber consumption reached 300 million tons, ranked the first in the world. However, natural rubber output was only 50 million tons. Enormous needs and gaps in our country made our imports of synthetic rubber and natural rubber reach more than one million tons. For this reason, it is needs of our national strategy to research an isoprene rubber with our own intellectual property rights, to accelerate its industrial scale, to upgrade the international competitiveness of synthetic rubber, to make China from a strong rubber-using country to a strong rubber-producing country.
       Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry should be one of the earliest organizations to carry out the research and development of synthetic rubber, with abundant accumulation of science and research and advantages of technology and talents. China Petroleum Jilin Petrochemical Company also has advantages in the polymerization, the process, and the testing. Faced with the national needs in the synthetic rubber, both combined powerfully, and based on years of scientific research, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry carried out "An exploitation of new rare earth isoprene rubber small scale technology " research on March 2006. After a year’s hard struggle, they innovatively put forward their preparation method of homogeneous rare earth catalyst to solve a major problem for many years due to the unevenness of the catalyst system, unreliable measurement, which caused unstable products; by the preparation method of changing catalyst, it broke the traditional limitations of having low molecular weight of homogeneous rare earth catalyst polymerization product, and developed a homogeneous rare earth catalyst system of synthetical polyisoprene with a high molecular weight to provide high-performance materials for exploiting a “Guo zi hao” high-quality rare earth isoprene rubber, which lays an important foundation. On the basis, by improving the process of polymerization they successfully composed a new high-quality rare earth isoprene rubber whose stretch characteristic is similar to natural rubber, cis content is higher than 96%, the Distribution Index of formula weight is lower than 3.0, Mooney Viscosity is between 70 and 90.
       According to reports, in recent years, with the continuous development of China's ethylene project, the C5 fraction in the ethylene abundantly got together, what’s more, the isoprene in C5 fraction is a kind of best material to produce isoprene rubber. To this end, the success of researching the rare earth isoprene rubber not only solved the shortage of natural rubber in China, and opened up a new species of rubber, but also can powerfully drive the comprehensive utilization of C5 fraction, which brought gigantic economic and social benefit.