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China rubber machinery industry must increase the pace of international operations
TIME :2016-03-01

The industry said that China's rubber machinery industry must increase the pace of international operations, internal and external causes is the result of joint action is the inevitable choice under today's circumstances. "China's economy has entered a period of transformation and upgrading, the tire industry obvious structural surplus is expected in the next few years rubber machinery demand will significantly reduce overcapacity conflicts will become increasingly prominent. China's rubber machinery enterprises only implement international business strategy, in order to open up market demand, ease the contradiction between supply and demand, to keep the industry healthy and stable sustainable development. "China Chemical equipment Association professional Committee of rubber machinery Zhang Hongbo said.

2015 China rubber machinery business revenues decline

2015 China rubber machinery industry is slowly developing, and the corporate income mechanical rubber mold and other industries is not desirable. According to the Association for its subordinate tires, cycle tire, hose tape, rubber products, rubber, latex, carbon black, utilization of waste rubber, rubber mold machinery, rubber additives, reinforcing material 11 Branch 403 member companies focus on statistics, 2015 in January-May, industrial output value of 116.389 billion yuan to complete the current prices, down 11.40% ,, sales revenue of 109.726 billion yuan, down 10.64 percent, export delivery value of 32.662 billion yuan, down 10.70 percent.

It is understood that, where 342 key enterprises (not including additives, reinforcing) profits and taxes 7.874 billion yuan, down 5.24%; profit of 4.657 billion yuan, down 20.81 percent; the average sales profit rate 4.94%, down 0.53 percentage points; 56 companies losses amounting to 728 million yuan; inventory 25.485 billion yuan, an increase of 5.54%.

US "double reverse" has become one of the important factors that affect the development of the tire industry. Specific content is: merger ruling antidumping and countervailing duty deposit rate of 30.61% -107.07%, respectively, of which corporate tax margin was 38.79%, the national rate of 107.07 percent.

It is understood that China's key state-owned enterprises as well as tire 11 has not been proven and state-owned enterprise identity independent enterprises, have been ruled discriminatory up 107.07 percent national rate, which means that China's passenger car and light truck tire exports to the United States has basically been the road sealed. According to customs statistics, from January to May, China's tire exports overall decline in car tire exports fell 6.1%; export value down 17.5%, of which the United States involved in the exports volume dropped 40.6%.

2015 development of the machinery industry as a whole, the development of the state fairly good, the relevant department statistics from January to November 2015 the national investment in fixed assets (excluding rural households) 49.718215 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.2%, and 1 to 10 unchanged from last month, in which: manufacturing industry investment 16.422169 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.4%, up 0.1 percentage points from 1 to 10 months. Machinery and industrial fixed asset investment growth rate lower than the national 0.45 percent, 1.35 percentage points higher than the manufacturing sector; the share of manufacturing investment accounted for 27.42%, compared with 1 to October narrowed 0.01 percentage points.

Mechanical rubber machinery industry as a very important one. Investment does not reduce the whole, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, the first half of 2015 it rubber machinery industry export delivery value of 750 million yuan, an increase of 21.3%. At the same time, the depreciation of the RMB against the US dollar, the Chinese rubber machinery exports also played a catalytic role.

Domestic tire enterprises to increase investment overseas, such as the second choice Rubber Group, Shandong Linglong, tournament round Kim Sen unicorn tires, Jia Tong also ongoing preparatory work US tire plant, to enhance China's rubber machinery exports have a role in promoting . So a series of initiatives will add warmth cold rubber machinery. Rubber machinery from being out of the cold winter, warm spring toward the door.

Therefore, the future of China's rubber machinery industry must "go out", that is, towards the pace of international development, which is an effective method started China's rubber machinery brand, but also the necessary methods.