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Small private rubber micro enterprises, how to respond to market downturn Qun environment?
TIME :2015-12-14


Ferry time soon carrying us towards 2016. Recalling the five-year plan last year, 2015, whether the international environment, the domestic market or the environment, are to accept the "Cloud Flying" Transformation baptism. Even the arrogant superpower, the Soviet Union is faced with the trend rather than the complex state of the economic slowdown, it has been a foregone conclusion. The stock market is too high and does not correspond to the consumer, resulting in known as the "economic downturn" which is the inevitable trend of the objective laws of development, is the invisible hand of the market ---- the god holds the balance of supply and demand balance, people can not around, she says.


And then look at our Chinese rubber industry, labor-intensive and the price paid by the ecological environment, in exchange for the manufacturing country recognized, the total output value squeezed into the first in the world, but the real Shi seeking to say, from the human, machine , material, method, and quality aspects of today's advanced level than quince, there is still a large portion, the only advantage is the price, and this "advantage" with ho into society, becoming the soft underbelly of innovation and development, and more great power status is not commensurate. When by the market crisis, even more fragile. China alone to fend for themselves many private small and medium micro enterprises rubber, how to respond to market downturn Qun environment, how can maintain long-term vitality, has today imminent topic.


With the end of the historical mission of "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", in two sessions, the government work report clearly pointed out in the future economic development of general policy, that is, to achieve new type of industry, information technology; to modernize agriculture, urbanization; production should green, and to approach this as a political task to achieve. Its meaning is highlighted green modern technology, especially in the manufacturing sector it is to change the traditional old model, the implementation of green manufacturing technology, the development of green materials, to protect and improve the ecological environment and the existence homes. This policy of the government, for the production of green rubber industry, is a great impetus and encouragement. For private enterprises, small and medium micro rubber ,, like "change for survival, innovation and development" of the Assembly. For now our medium and small micro rubber private enterprises, the production environment, technology, development capability and quality assurance, both hardware and software behind the demands of the times, a considerable part of the rubber companies, there are still dirty, poor, chaotic phenomenon and environmental protection measures in place, backward production technology, research and innovation is low, they do not want to get up, but once confronted with many difficulties. They are in a state to fend for themselves, not outside on the preferential policies, help resources on the technical assistance and support obligations, as well as free training on the management concept, thanks alone, appeared to be inadequate, walking is difficult . Some rubber prices is the market can not afford to His Majesty the toss and crashing down.


Faced with the current downturn in the market supply and demand situation, but also self-reliance, a firm foothold to survive, to go with the times, innovation and development, achieve green production, there are some difficult, but not impossible. A great man once said, "Of all things, the people are the most valuable, ..... as long as there are people, every kind of miracle can make out." In the Yangtze River Delta many private companies, for example rubber, been in business integration and transformation, with practical actions to make achievements, automated CNC closed ingredients, mixing has been widely used. Bid farewell to the years of dust filled the troubled plant, to achieve cleaner production. Model on the side: in the Zhejiang region, private Asahi Thai Rubber Co., Thorpe Rubber Co., Yao Jie Rubber Products Co., Ltd., the first to achieve a new, information technology, green production. Even micro-enterprises Hengshun Rubber Factory, implements batch automation and standardized management, accompanied by staff working in green leaves and flowers.


Seeing is believing, but also to see a random. Many are familiar with the past and from domestic and foreign businessmen and their counterparts had, after the visit and study the aforementioned manufacturers, have fundamentally changed, small factories can do great things feel a lot of products with high technological content, such as high temperature and perfluorether variety of media products, high damping butyl rubber products, plastic products of special explosion-proof vacuum resistant, resistant to a variety of refrigerant hydrogenated nitrile products, in case of a water-swellable and oil expansion product, have been successfully developed, and bulk supply market they did not by the market downturn, but significant increase in orders.


These changes and the integration of private enterprises Oak experience is the first head of their own ideas to change, change this green rubber, is a great management revolution, is the sublimation of the human concept of green. Never consciously change to consciously change is a qualitative leap. Although now the market downturn, but the high-end high-quality, environmentally friendly products are still in demand in the market, the general product quality win, to the amount for profit in all areas of the product is also very popular with users. Therefore, enterprises Lianhaoneigong, the good low-power, high-efficiency, high-quality, four key sections of plastic, can be won opportunities, enterprises can sustainable development.


Medium and small, micro, rubber private enterprises in the economy now shrinking and fierce competition in the market, the only way out is to really move, not greedy for large ocean, to local conditions, to achieve green production and innovation and development. By seeking to produce more learning, Bo public works director of the integration of the change, as I used to. Development and implementation of production management for the enterprise reform and measures to upgrade, this is the trend, forced by the situation. The so-called update, and that is to do business must do honest business and honest production, honest labor, return to our ancestors noble style of doing business: "No no sharp business" [ancient grain sold to the bucket containing the amount and evenness surface prevail, but the businessman always food in the bucket surface pile higher, rather than flat to the table in good faith]. Leave integrity, non-green production to talk about.


The so-called green production is either produced shoddy harmful to consumer safety of rubber products, plastic materials do not buy substandard and toxic chemicals, such as contain nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals and sixteen kinds of azo colorants and certain brominated flame retardants and other harmful substances. Give production line workers comfortable and clean working environment, dust abatement and waste water generated in the process of vulcanization of toxic fumes, and mixing process produces revolutionized rubber factory dirty, poor, chaotic phenomenon.


To achieve green production, it must be through internal consolidation and potential, efficient, high quality, low energy consumption, to the management of change to be effective. To achieve the purpose of change. All employees must mobilize together dry, everyone is really dry dry, not please the boss or foreign training institutions will be able to preach about it paid off, it is small and medium micro rubber enterprise management, the old rules do not have to care about the whole system of those but focus attention on site management, where its own "gold to be tapped," it is promising. Should policy objectives, the implementation of the indicators to the scene, machines, jobs. Truthfully "landing" is the last word, "landing" is a strong guarantee for the development of business change and innovation. In the rubber industry has experienced the: rubber product is a multi-process, multi-process product as a "fire" and "plastic" Chi protean art, that the person can not do, but that the person is put spoil it. this is the mystery of rubber! to complete the business change and innovation development, the human factor is the first. in glorious work and respect for labor concept, corporate control [system specification] employees and self-control [employee self-restraint] combine. to encourage positive and negative incentives to educate and train employees to work to make money to feed their families, we must pay for their own labor to produce the product of social responsibility. to be honest labor, heritage and promote the Chinese nation "craftsman spirit", a "craftsman culture", a business, no artisan spirit, lack of cultural artisans, not to mention product quality assurance. every employee in their respective operating positions, should be meticulous excellence, the pursuit of zero defect products, not waste of resources wasted effort to achieve the results of the value of workers.


"Look twilight Jinsong, Cloud Flying is still calm." Despite the current global rubber industry is facing the pressure of economic slowdown, but it also happens to be a test of China's rubber and tempered man, "still with the wind and waves, is worth Xianting letter ho" rubber country style and unique sticky rubber flexibility to deal with "snow pressure Dongyun" and "Blossoms Fun Xie," Chinese private enterprises rubber, not all of them are blown down, the pressure does not cross the "man"!


Despite the "high-rolling days of cold emergency," we rubber private enterprises, through technical innovation, green technology and changes in consolidation, rubber earth still had a "slight heating blowing", the elite National Private rubber prices, exchange Quartet rubber, mutuality, a factory help people in trouble, solidarity, and that there had not "Hum"? "Man Road as the iron, now moving more from scratch" in 2016 regardless of this or that experience countercurrent, rubber Zan private people will stand tall, not dependent on the weather, does not seek to self-reliance and steadily over the difficulties.


"Sea cross-flow plastic, rubber side was man true colors." As long as there is penny orders, but also to stay here! Our green rubber, innovative development targets unchanged, the integration of change lost confidence "in the doldrums until the rubber man sweeping wind, overturned Que."