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Improve the technological level of China's rubber industry is imminent
TIME :2016-03-17


       The National People's Congress, when interviewed by a reporter of Securities Times, Yuan Zhongxue, the chairman of MESNAC, suggested to build a national rubber science and engineering laboratory. Yuan Zhongxue thought that China has become the world’s rubber consumption and rubber products manufacturing center. China's rubber consumption reaches 8.8 million tons per year, which is more than 1/3 of the world’s total rubber consumption, which means rubber industry is one of the pillar industries in the national economy. China's rubber industry is big but not strong. Compared with developed countries, the level of rubber science and technology still exists significant gaps. Constructing national laboratory about rubber, and further improving the technology level of China's rubber industry are imminent.

       Yuan Zhongxue said that through constructing the national laboratory of rubber science and engineering to promote the interaction and cooperation between different innovation subjects including research institutes, universities and key enterprises, to explore to form various forms of produces study grinds innovation pattern, and to promote to establish the basic research, the application research, the achievement transformation and tight-coupling industrialized and coordinated development pattern; further increase the investment in science and technology of rubber, gradually found an open public scientific and technological innovation system, promote all types of innovative subjects to collaboratively innovate, promote the process of achievement transformation, and improve the core technology innovative ability. Setting up the national laboratory of international advanced rubber science and engineer helps China to achieve the leap from high-produced rubber country to a high-quality rubber country.

       In addition, faced with more and more Chinese enterprises "going out", Yuan Zhongxue believes that the private companies are faced with the procedure for examination and approval, the limitation of foreign exchange, the loan of foreign mergers, the legal obstacles of foreign investment and other problems more than state-owned companies. At the same time, due to the lack of some relevant institutions’ help, private enterprises "going out" meet greater risk.

       Yuan Zhongxue suggested that we should put more attention and accurate help to the private companies “going out”. Specifically, at first we should simplify the administration and transfer the power, optimize procedures for foreign investment, improve the efficiency and strengthen the protection of foreign investment; secondly, provide a sounder tax service system, optimize some policies of tax rebates; thirdly we should make full use of our country’s strength, to avoid political and economic risks, to push on RMB to go out, to reduce the risk of exchange rate, to provide more financing ways and to reduce financing costs; fourthly we should optimize short-term employment policy for foreigners, support overseas labor to train in China and simplify formalities.

       Talking about introducing overseas talents, Yuan Zhongxue thinks, in reality, in the talents introduction policy, some inappropriate articles which are rigid and hysteretic, all kinds of complicated handing procedures, and the long period still exists, which makes the introduction of overseas labor a bad influence and form a big contrast with those western developed countries. She advises people orient, optimize the international talents introduction policy, reduce restriction, and promote the efficiency. And make full use of non-government groups like industrial associations and institutions of higher education on the role of talents quality certifications and talents introduction.

       Talking about capital market, as the chairman of a listed company MESNAC, Yuan Zhongxue said that by listing, financing, the company increases R & D investments, especially investment in basic research and development which achieves technical reserves in the new material of tire, and enhances the potential for enterprise development, and help to open up the company's future business development. Yuan Zhongxue believes that China's capital market is still at an early stage of development, whether it is investors or the market itself, we need a process to grow up, hope to accelerate the growth of the market and jointly promote China's capital market development and growth.