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Magical rubber band
TIME :2016-03-14

Daily life rubber band is a fairly common items, often after buying food would leave a lot of rubber bands, but in addition to food packaging, packaging plastic bags outside, in fact, there are many rubber bands very useful purpose!

1.Wrapped around the electrical plug


Wrap rubber bands of different colors can easily distinguish the different electrical plugs!

2. When wrapped around the finger nail polish





Such an action would not afraid of nail polish to be painted of the place!

3. tied to the bucket




Paint is applied to half the pause time, doing so can make the paint brush placed in the bucket, it will not get to the paint everywhere! In addition of course, you can also scrape excess paint on paint brush, paint weight control.

4. Open the hard cap open


Sometimes when the bottle lid open, wrap a rubber band to achieve slip, the effect of increasing friction profit, so you can more successfully turn the lid open!

5. wrapped around both ends of the hanger


Clothes do not afraid of accidentally slipped from the side!

6. pad wear on the screw tooth screw


If the screw thread of the cross has been slightly worn, very good rotation, a first mat rubber band, so that the screws can easily be turned! (However, if the thread completely necrotic seems no effect of ...)

7. Fixed tea bags



When using tea bag tea, tea bags if the connections are worried about the whole fell into the cup, then wrap a rubber band in the periphery of the cup will be able to hold the tea bags up!

8. Use a rubber band so that the door will not close



Just like the two door handles are entangled, we can block the inside of the door latch, door stop and reach the effect of!



9. resolved Cup


If many homes the same cup, then wrap the rubber band will be able to easily distinguish different up!


10. Storage of clothing is a good helper!


The clothes rolled up, and then wrap a rubber band, you can easily accommodating the laundry! (But it should not apply to long ... clothes holding a rubber band wrapped around a long time may be oxidized "sticky" in clothes.

11. wrapped around the cutting board



To do so will be able to prevent food from accidentally slipped from the chopping block!

12. The amount of control is pressed tank extruded!


Sometimes squeezing shampoo or hand cream, the amount might be pressing than expected, this time as long wrap a rubber band at the extrusion can be effectively locked into the depth of pressing the Hello!