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Species commonly used in rubber, properties, uses
TIME :2016-03-14

1, natural rubber (NR) in the rubber hydrocarbon (polyisoprene) mainly containing a small amount of protein, moisture, resin acids, sugars and inorganic salts. Flexibility, high elongation strength, tear resistance and excellent electrical insulation, excellent wear resistance and drought tolerance, good workability, easy adhesion of other materials, synthetic rubber is better than most in terms of overall performance. The disadvantage is resistant to oxygen and ozone resistance is poor, easy to aging deterioration; oil and solvent resistance poor, low corrosion of the first anti-acid; high heat resistance. Operating temperature range: about -60 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃. Production of tires, rubber shoes, hose, tape, wire and cable insulation and jacketing, and other common products. Particularly suitable for the manufacture of torsional vibration eliminator, engine damper, the machine bearing, rubber - metal suspension components, diaphragms, molded products.

       2, styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) and styrene butadiene copolymers. Performance close to natural rubber, is currently the largest output of general-purpose synthetic rubber, which is characterized by abrasion resistance, aging and heat resistance than natural rubber, natural rubber is also more uniform texture. Disadvantages are: less elastic, anti-flex, poor tear resistance; processing performance is poor, especially poor self-adhesive, low green strength. Operating temperature range: about -50 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃. Mainly used to replace natural rubber production of tires, rubber, hose, shoes, and other common products.

       3, butadiene rubber (BR) is formed by the polymerization of butadiene rubber, cis structure. The advantages are: flexibility and excellent wear resistance, anti-aging properties and good low temperature resistance in dynamic load heat a small, easy-to-metal bonding. The disadvantage is low strength, tear resistance is poor, poor processing performance and self-adhesive. Operating temperature range: about -60 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃. More generally, and natural rubber or styrene-butadiene rubber and use, mainly the production of tire treads, conveyor belts and special cold-resistant products.
       4, isoprene rubber (IR) is polymerized from isoprene monomer made of a rubber-cis structure. Chemical composition, three-dimensional structure similar to natural rubber, natural rubber performance is very close, so it is called synthetic natural rubber. It has most of the advantages of natural rubber, anti-aging due to natural rubber, flexible and powerful lower than natural rubber, poor processing performance, high cost. Operating temperature range: about -50 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃ can replace natural rubber production of tires, rubber shoes, hose, belt and other common products.

       5, chloroprene rubber (CR) is a chloroprene monomer emulsion made from the polymer. This rubber molecules containing chlorine atoms, as compared with other general rubber: it has excellent oxidation, ozone resistance, non-flammable, self-extinguishing after the fire, oil, solvent, acid and anti-aging, gas tightness and good; their physical and mechanical properties better than natural rubber, it is used as a general rubber, special rubber may also be used. The main disadvantage is poor resistance to cold, a larger proportion of relatively high cost, electrical insulation is not good, easy to stick roll machining, easy to scorch and easy to stick mold. In addition, raw rubber poor stability and difficult to preserve. Operating temperature range: about -45 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃. The main requirements for the manufacture of anti-ozone, high resistance to aging and a variety of cable jacket protective cover, protective cover; oil, chemical resistant hoses, plastic and chemical lining; fire underground mining rubber products, as well as a variety of molded products, seals, pads, adhesive or the like.