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Composition and role of natural rubber
TIME :2015-02-18


When using natural rubber latex manufacturing rubber will be part of the non-hydrocarbon components remaining in solid natural rubber, natural rubber is generally solid rubber hydrocarbon-Africa accounted for 5% to 8%, see Table 1-2. Rubber hydrocarbon accounts for 92% to 95%. Fresh latex contains two egg endoplasmic, a protein and rubber proteins. Protein easy to absorb moisture, mold, or the electrical insulating properties decreased to increase heat resistance, make some contact with people allergic to; promote protein decomposition products cure, delay aging; particulate protein enhanced role. Acetone extract refers to the NT, it can be dissolved in acetone rubber portion of the non-hydrocarbon components, mainly lipids and its decomposition products formed. Fresh latex lipid consists essentially of fats, waxes, sterols, sterol lipids and phospholipids. Some components of the lipid decomposition of stearic acid, oleic acid and other fatty latex after addition of ammonia, so the natural rubber in addition to the aforementioned non-hydrocarbon rubber latex contained in the non-rubber by, there are fatty acids. Some within one extracts from the dispersion during kneading, play a catalytic role during vulcanization. From old age, the role of use. In this case, in particular the need to point out that playing a phospholipid foot insoluble in acetone, so it does not fall within one extract, its decomposition products have choline promotes vulcanization. Ash mainly calcium and magnesium phosphate, as well as a small amount of rubber will promote aging of iron, copper, manganese and other variable valence metal compound, for which you want to restrict contain halo. Such as the US standard rubber on the provisions of the copper content is less than 0.00082%, the manganese content is less than 0.0010%.